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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

3/3/2010 General Meeting Minutes

Date: 3/3/2010
Meeting Place and Time: VC2-110 at 4:30pm
Attendees: Gabe Suleiman, Shaun So, David Starobin, Daniel Fisher, Anjali Ahuja, Ashish Patel, Alwantha Lawson
Agenda Items: 

  1. Panel Feedback: Around 40 people...great turnout!  Feedback from administrators, alumni, and students: great event and VERY informative.

  2. From Anjali: Attended BCAS Social Event was a giant “icebreaker” to speak face to face and network with advertising agencies.  Another possible event format.

  3. Mini-event: Coffee with industry rep.  1st event to be possibly held later this month.  Stay tuned for details.

  4. Member Alexander Liss started a virtual discussion on LinkedIn.  Let's start getting more active here for virtual interactions to include all mailing list members.  Also, we will be posting links to audio/video from events in the future. 

  5. In order to gauge different interest areas for events, activities, and communication, a survey will be forthcoming.  Be sure to complete when it's posted!  

  6. Next General Meetings

    • Wednesday April 7th

    • Wednesday May 5th 
If you have any feedback on the agenda items, would like to create, lead, or assist on potential projects, or have anything else to convey, please feel free to email

2/3/2010 General Meeting Minutes

Date: 2/3/2010
Meeting Place and Time: VC2-110 at 4:30pm
Attendees: Gabe Suleiman, Shaun So, David Starobin, Daniel Fisher, Emma Chowns, Ben Schmidt, Ashish Patel, Urvashi Jha, Sam Matin
Agenda Items: 

  1. Speaker Series on Television: 12:30-1:30; 2/17/2010 re-announcement; attendance;
    Flyers/Announcements: Emma/Ben
    Attending: As many members as possible.
    Kate: Executive-Handler
    Dan: Names on sign-up sheet
    Sam: Moderator
    11:50: ZMEA Officers leave class
    12:00: Food
    12:30: Start Panel
    1:00: Q & A
    1:10 Mingling
    1:25: Closing/End/Clean-Up

  2. Informal Career Workshops
    - Bring interesting colleague/friend to 3rd week networking/career chat
    - Action-based networking

  3. Open positions – let's create/add events too/job information
    - New Media/Social Networking Coordinator NEEDED!

  4. Sports Business Club – Cross Promotion for ESPN Event

  5. Tribeca Film Festival Volunteers? April 21st-May 2nd

  6. Coffee with Franz (ESPN)?

  7. Other events/projects are welcomed.